Managed Live In Care: Aimee (Cerebral Palsy)

An Angel Beside Me


As Aimee was talking to me her cat Angel was right beside her. She’s there at her side through the night also, and she’s wonderful company.


It isn’t only the cat that is there is right beside Lucy who lives with Cerebral Palsy; the carer is around too, doing all the necessary jobs around the house so that she can be ready to take Aimee out in the car later on one of the many trips that they have become accustomed to, especially since the installation of the wheelchair lift.


A considerable number of people in our community live with cerebral palsy. It affects movement and coordination, as well as speech in some cases and so a considerable level of care needs to be available in order that someone living with this condition can live a full life and be as independent as possible. This is where the person centred care of Sunshine provides the very best for a person’s well being on many levels.


Our live in carer companions are trained to live alongside individuals who are living with cerebral palsy as well as a number of other conditions. Lucy cares for Aimee; it’s a full time job being a main carer and she loves it. It is so rewarding to be able to facilitate for someone in order that they can find an equilibrium of life; supported in all the ways that otherwise might bring frustration. “One of most rewarding things for me is enabling independence” Lucy tells us. She loves to help Aimee make her own decisions about things; patiently listening whist Aimee makes her own choices, and sometimes it takes a while. Otherwise, there are a number of rewarding tasks throughout the day: washing, dressing, personal care, cooking, driving, and trips to the shows as well as playing with the cats.


Aimee was cared for by her mother before she was enabled to receive the benefit of live in care. They were introduced to Sunshine Care through a friend who was enjoying the benefits of care.


Life has been very different since, as Aimee is enabled to live in her own home, with all that it means for someone who has grown into adulthood, and enjoys a level of independence.

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