Managed Live In Care: Dorothy & Derek

For Dorothy it was a godsend hearing about Sunshine Care through her social worker.


It had been a sad and difficult journey to her current position. Staying in a residential home in an unfamiliar area seemed like the end of the world. Recently widowed, Dorothy decided that she needed company and decided to move house, so that she could be near family, leaving all her friends and associates behind, and many of her belongings which reminded her of her beloved Derek.


Dorothy had presumed that a month or two with her grandchildren would provide enough time for her new abode to be set up, with a portion of her memorabilia and favourite pieces of furniture, and it would then be time to settle into the cottage and make a home….the last that she would have no doubt. However, it wasn’t meant to be quite that easy it would appear.


It must have been the shock of it all that brought the cloud of depression, which developed into dementia. The feeling of unsettlement, the forgetting, lapses of concentration coupled with a feeling of anger were devastating for Dorothy, who felt as if she was ‘going mad’. “Hopefully it is just part of the bereavement process” she thought to herself, “and it will all settle down pretty soon”.


But when the doctor had to be called she was diagnosed with the onset of dementia and advised not to be left alone for the foreseeable future.


The family went online and found a number of homes and care agencies offering differing options. Eventually the decision was made that Sunshine Care seemed to offer the most flexible options for Dorothy. So, after plucking up the courage…..and these things are never easy to do….. the first phone call was made.

They spoke with a charming young lady in the Sunshine office who arranged for their Head of Care to visit them.

During the visit all Dorothy’s needs and the costs, were carefully looked at and it was agreed with her and the family that a Live-In Carer would be the most beneficial arrangement for her. That would mean that she could live safely at home, in her new cottage, with her favourite possessions around her. She would be taken out regularly, shopping, visiting the Grandchildren and for treats like a delicious cream tea at the little tea room down in the village, and, best of all, her family could visit her in her own home.

Her anxiety has disappeared; her confidence is increasing; there is even a marked improvement in her dementia and in her general health.

She says she is so grateful to her Carer and to Sunshine Care for giving her a new lease of life.

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