Managed Live In Care: Mr and Mrs King

“Getting up early and going to bed late; it’s a 24 hour job on my own without carers”


“Getting up early and going to bed late; it’s a 24 hour job on my own without carers” reports Mrs King, whose husband is confined to bed and life often feels like a knife’s edge.


Mr and Mrs King have been with Sunshine Care for four months now, and are very happy indeed. It was just before Christmas that Mrs King called the Sunshine Office, having been recommended by a friend. Although the medics say that Mr King’s life is on a ‘knife’s edge’, he’s very poorly reports his dear wife, she says that “things have levelled out into a plateaux at the moment, thanks to the care he is receiving”.
Mrs King had heard about the Respite Care Services that Sunshine Care Ltd offers. It had been hard, bearing the responsibility for her husband’s well being all on her own. She had to get up early and go to bed late so that she could tend to his care. It was such a relief to have a live in carer appointed so that she could take a break and know that her husband was in good hands. “ I can go out when Lydia is here, confident that all is well; I do not have to worry” she tells us.


“ when she isn’t here everyone is asking when she will return; it makes such a difference.”


Mrs King was pleased to share with us that receiving the services of Sunshine Care Ltd has made a great difference to the lives of both her and her husband. She tells us that the telephone contact with our office affirms her as she is confident that she can call at any time. She speaks of the staff here as being so friendly, and for this she is very grateful.


It is stories like this that affirm for us that our carers are doing a great job. We are so grateful for the feedback our clients and service users give us.

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