Managed Live In Care: Pam (Multiple Sclerosis)

“It’s well worth trying live in care services; it alleviates all the worry of daily concerns that have become difficult.” P.H


Pam had moved down to the South West four years ago with her husband who has since passed away. Since relocating Pam has developed Multiple Sclerosis and is often in need of considerable assistance with daily and personal duties. She is so grateful that she engaged the services of Sunshine Care, especially since her husband passed away. She feels she has been left to carry the burdens of life, encumbered by the complex symptoms of M.S.


Pam was ‘struck’ with the onset symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, and after 60 years of fully operable legs she is now considerably disabled. She finds that the care she receives is ‘wonderful’. She is grateful for all the friendly, caring support which offers her stability and a level of independence. “When I don’t feel good, everything is done and I am relieved of the worry” says Pam.


We are delighted to work with Pam. We monitor her progress sensitively and watch and listen for any further help she needs, as and when she needs it.

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