Managed Live In Care: Paul (Motor Neurone Disease)

“I am really satisfied and I would certainly recommend Sunshine to my friends”


Paul is a young man, living with Motor Neurone’s disease and the consequent disabilities. Paul is cared for primarily by his wife Kira and she is managing his care plan which is intensifying as time goes on. A wheel chair, bath lift and eye board are some of the apparatus which help Paul to live his life as fully as possible.


Sunshine carers are on hand throughout the day and night, ready to assist in whatever was is required. The balance of care is worked out as Kira corresponds with the carers via the roster office, so that Paul is kept comfortable as much as possible. Kira is grateful to be able to work with Sunshine so that Paul can have the freedom he deserves.


Although the carers are usually employed to assist Paul with his personal care in the evening and taking to his bed, there are naturally times when he choses to go to bed at a later time, especially at the weekend. On these occasions this couple like to manage things themselves and inform the office that they are not needed at that time. This level of independence is encouraged by Sunshine, which work in a person centred way with each individual, always treating them with the dignity they deserve. No one is expected to be like another simply because they live with a similar condition.


Two carers are required for lifting, at bath and bed time. Kira reports that she is grateful for the team spirit that emerges as Paul’s needs are discerned moment by moment. “We all needs to work it out sensitively between us” says Kira “we need to feel our way”. Kira says that she admires the way in which the carers are so attentive, which is a gift that we encourage in our staff.


“I am really satisfied and I would certainly recommend Sunshine to my friends” says Kira.


We are very happy to receive such constructive feedback. It enables us to polish up the aspects of our services that are working well and to adjust where necessary.

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