Managed Live In Care: Sandra from Plymouth

“Without care I’d be stuck”. “My Carers are as good as gold”.


Without her hourly care services from Sunshine, Sandra might be housebound with her husband, who is unwell himself.


Sandra has received care at home ever since she was discharged from hospital six years ago. Following the usual assessment Sandra was appointed her carers who have been visiting her ever since.


Her care consists of a slot in the morning and one in the evening where two carers are available for her personal care; for hoisting for the bathroom along with other duties where needed. This lifts a burden from her husband’s shoulders for which he is grateful.


A trip into town each Wednesday with her favorite carer provides a wonderful break for Sandra who is such a cheerful and bubbly person, with a great sense of humor.


“I have wonderful chats with the team in the Sunshine Care Office.” she reports. “I say things as they are, and the carers are as good as gold, and it’s so good to tease.” she tells us.


“It was a joy to chat with Sandra on the phone; she was so friendly and full of fun. She took a keen interest in the fact that we are redesigning our website and we are grateful to people like Sandra who are able to give us such candid feedback on our Sunshine Services”. J.S HR dept.

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