Improving our understanding

We are learning about Asperger syndrome and its related needs all the while .Please note that what is written here is not in any way a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and that the advice of appropriate professionals should always be sought.

If you or a loved one has Asperger syndrome and are interested in learning more about how we might be able to help you with our live in care Asperger’s support services, please don’t hesitate to call Sunshine Care.


Andrew wasn’t diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome until he was 21. He had always felt different; special, but wasn’t at all sure what that meant and how he might find some help with difficulties he encountered in a number of areas in his life. He has always been a very enthusiastic person but gets so frustrated when things don’t flow as he had hoped, and so angry inside when he is misunderstood.  This is common with Asperger’s syndrome especially when one is trying to communicate his view of the world. He knows that there are no immediate signs of his condition in terms of his physical appearance, but there just as well be he thinks when he feels so alienated in society.


A diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome didn’t feel that helpful when it was first offered, as it almost felt like a judgement to Andy and yet at the same time it was comforting to know that he wasn’t the only person around with this condition.  He knew that there were groups that he could join and classes he could attend to help him develop his skills;  and work to overcome his difficulties.


It was such a relief to hear of Sunshine live in care Asperger’s support services for people with Asperger’s syndrome.   Andy had been talking to a friend of his who had been receiving support from Sunshine for some months. He might never have known that he could have someone live with him, to help him tidy up the place and at other times accompany him to the corner shop for his groceries which previously had felt like an uphill battle. He used to get so frustrated and felt out of control. “Now I feel that I am able to meet other people and have a chat because I have a companion” Andy tells us. “And my flat is tidy and I can go to bed relaxed because I haven’t got angry with myself for not being able to cope with it”.

If you would like to know more about how Sunshine Care can help people with Asperger syndrome please don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss how our Aspergers support at home can help your loved one.