Autistic Spectrum Live in Care Support for Elderly and Younger People in the South of England

Sunshine Live in Care Supported Living Services for those on the Autistic Spectrum

The term Autism, (and its associated autistic spectrum conditions), according to diagnostic criteria is used to describe the way in which individuals have challenges in communication, understanding and behaviour.

Many people are supported to live with symptoms of autism and the autistic spectrum. Autism affects people in different ways and although no two people are the same many people are on the autistic spectrum.

Within the Sunshine Care autism support services, everyone with autism and any condition needing care, is respected for being who he or she is, and no one is labelled. Any terms that are used are simply an attempt to understand a person’s inner world and outer expression.

Live in Care Support Assessments

When carrying out an assessment for support for people with autism and individuals on the autistic spectrum area we consult with other professionals, link with the G.P where appropriate, and any other relevant agencies who support. All of our assessments are empathic and respectful.

Within our person – centred philosophy we strive to step into the shoes as it were of every individual who is on the autistic spectrum and attempt to sensitively view the world from their perspective.  We always work with the autistic individual and their particular needs and requirements. We understand that within this world of autism there are hopes, fears, challenges and varying interests. Whatever preoccupies one of our clients motivates us to help and offer autism support.

Autism Support Planning (Live in Care)

Our Autism support plan for anyone with autism, (and anyone on the autistic spectrum), is tailor-made for each and every individual. We work to minimise stress and regression of the autistic symptoms. We recognise that each person has their own gifts and we so enjoy helping autistic people to reach their potential in every way that we can. We are continually researching developments in this condition and we are keen to see what facilities are available for learning and recreation. It is wonderfully encouraging to see autistic people develop and grow in a myriad of ways.  Whenever there appear to be obstacles to learning and development on the autistic spectrum we work to minimise them for everyone. Sometimes, for example, where an individual on the autistic spectrum might find speech and communication a challenge, they are highly developed in a creative or mechanical area, and extremely able. This is fairly typical of an individual with autism or on the autistic spectrum

Autism Training and Facilities

Our Sunshine Live in Companions are well trained and motivated to both help and direct where appropriate. Our on-going training facilities and research motivates our staff to sharpen their skills and find new ways of understanding and enabling their autistic clients and our service users who are on the autistic spectrum.  There are many facilities in the community for those on the autistic spectrum such as social events, education, therapies, both psychological and physical; exercise, massage, sport faculties and much more. Sunshine Care is dedicated to providing a service for autistic people and those on the autistic spectrum a quality of life that is unequalled elsewhere.