Down’s Syndrome Live in Care for Elderly and Younger People in the South West

Sunshine Live in Care Supported Living Services for those with Down’s Syndrome

Down’s syndrome describes a set of cognitive and physical symptoms that result from a full or partial copy of chromosome 21.  This extra chromosome disrupts the normal course of development and results in the physical features and intellectual and developmental disabilities associated with the syndrome.

The degree of intellectual disability is variable in people with Down’s syndrome. It is usually only mild to moderate; but children are likely to be delayed in reaching key developmental milestones. Some people with this condition may be born with heart abnormalities.  They are also more likely to develop hearing and vision problems, Alzheimer disease, and other health conditions.

With the appropriate support available today, people with Down’s syndrome now live twice as long as they did 30 years ago. Young people with Down’s syndrome re supported get jobs, move into group homes or individual housing, or pursue further education, often at community colleges.

Live in Care Support Assessments

Sunshine Care offers Down Syndrome supported living throughout the South West. When carrying out an assessment for support for people with Down’s syndrome we consult with other professionals, link with the G.P where appropriate, and any other relevant agencies who support. All of our assessments are empathic and respectful.

Within our person -centred philosophy we strive to step into the shoes as it were of every individual who has the condition; and attempt to sensitively view the world from their perspective.  We always work with the individual and their particular needs and requirements. We understand that within their world perspective there are hopes, fears, challenges and varying interests. Whatever preoccupies one of our clients motivates us to help.

Down’s Syndrome Live in Care Support Planning

Our support plan for anyone with Down’s syndrome is tailor-made for each and every individual. The process of understanding the person, their strengths and weaknesses, may take time; and this means that we have to be patient, to listen carefully and ask questions in different ways to gain a full picture. We promote Down’s Syndrome Independent Living, with assistance from our care support.

We are continually researching developments in this condition and we are keen to see what facilities and support are available for learning and recreation. Increased life expectancy in individuals with Down’s syndrome puts them at risk as they age for developing mental health issues, such as depression. Death of parents, lack of continuity of care, and medical issues often contribute to such changes in mental health.

Premature aging is a characteristic of adults with Down’s syndrome, as is dementia, memory loss, and impaired judgment similar to that occurring in individuals with Alzheimer disease.  Sunshine Care has many years of experience in helping individuals with support plans geared to their specific needs and health conditions.

Down’s Syndrome Training and Facilities

Our Sunshine Live in Carer Companions are well trained and motivated to both help and direct where appropriate in down syndrome support. Our on-going training facilities and research motivates our staff to sharpen their skills and find new ways of understanding and enabling their Down’s syndrome clients.  Our specialist carers have the opportunity to study an NVQ 3 that is focused on supported living services. There are many facilities in the community for those with Down’s syndrome such as social events, education, therapies, both psychological and physical; exercise, massage, sport faculties and much more. Sunshine Care is dedicated to providing a service for Down’s syndrome and a quality of life that is unequalled elsewhere. With assistance from family and live in carers, many adults with Down’s syndrome have developed the skills required to hold jobs and to live independently well into later adult life.