24 Hour Care at Home: 24 Hour Care at Home

24 Hour Care at Home

What makes us Live in Care Specialists?

Our vision from the start of our care business, 20 years ago, has been to be the best care provider, rather than the biggest, for people in need of individual, bespoke care and support.

Offering 24 hour care at home, there are many elderly and younger people who have complex care needs.  To meet that need we supply appropriate dedicated specialist live in carers who have the training and experience to support clients with specific needs – including End of Life Care, Complex & Neurological Care, and Dementia Care.

Our carers are trained by our network of regional Specialist Care trainers, supervised by our Nurse Director.

A large number of the employed carers have been trained by us to be live in care specialists. Each has the experience to specialise in one or more of the following:

  • Physical disability and/or visual or hearing loss (or both).
  • Support for those on the Autistic spectrum and those with learning disabilities.
  • Palliative care and end of life care.
  • Alzheimer’s and other Dementia conditions
  • Huntington’s & Parkinson’s.
  • Reablement and Stroke recovery.
  • Neuromuscular conditions, which are complex because they can affect both motor skills and cognition.
  • Long-term conditions such as motor-neurone disease.
  • Acquired brain injury following a stroke or accident.

Live in Care Specialists Training

As well as the basic Care Certificate training, we also offer our live-in carers a range of more specialist accredited training courses, such as:

  • Tissue viability.  Pressure sore prevention and treatment
  • Immobility and being bed-bound.  Awareness of breathing complications, spasms, pneumonia and blood clots.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Spine.
  • Urinary Management.  Bladder function, catheters, convenes and catheter care.
  • Bowel Management.  Effects of diet and lifestyle. Hygiene.  Manual evacuation best practice.
  • Safeguarding.  Appropriate responses to abuse or neglect. Confidentiality and necessary information sharing.
  • Medication Management.  Medication administration and the correct procedure for completion of MAR charts.
  • First Aid.  The recovery position, CPR, shock and appropriate treatments.

For their personal development and to further their careers, our carers will to gain further qualifications with our comprehensive range of on-line courses.  Sunshine Care will offer loans to support our specialist live in carers to study open university courses to further improve their care skills whilst earning a living.

As normal practice we offer our dedicated live-in carers highly subsidised, advanced learning opportunities leading to valuable qualifications for their future career.  These include:

  • Introduction/Certificates in Health and Social Care courses.
  • QCF/NVQ level 2 and 3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care.

Continuity and Compatibility

Our regional office rostering teams ensure that clients and live in carers are kept fully informed of essential care details at all times, Specialist care assignments are allocated to the right carer to give as much compatibility and continuity as possible.  By giving adequate rest breaks on and between assignments we maintain quality, ensure best practice and the efficient functioning of our service to you.

Hospital Discharge and Reablement Services

Alongside support with all daily living activities, such as personal and domestic care and companionship, our specialist live in care Reablement Teams encourage discharged patients to adapt to being at home again.  They are supported to develop the confidence and skills to carry out normal daily life tasks themselves.  This specialist service is normally only needed for a number of weeks; and is provided to people who have just been discharged from hospital.

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