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A Career in Care

Starting A Career in Care

Working in social care will give you the opportunity to help many different people lead fulfilling lives.

You could choose to support older people; and work in the community as a home care assistant or in a care home. If you want a career where you can progress, feel secure, and get an enormous sense of personal achievement from knowing you are helping other people, then adult social care is for you.

Whether you are looking for a career change, thinking of returning to the social care sector, or starting your working life from school or college, there is a wide range of work opportunities in social care.

With a huge demand for workers, plenty of opportunities for progression and a job in which 96% of workers said they feel their work makes a difference, adult social care has lots to offer. Other jobs include working with children, families and young people and people with physical or learning disabilities.

You can gain an enormous sense of personal achievement from simply knowing that your job is helping people. It’s about making a positive difference to people’s lives by contributing to their health, happiness and wellbeing.

There are lots of different job roles to choose from. You could be working in a home, out in the community or from someone’s house. You could be supporting a man in his 20’s with a learning difficulty or a woman in her 90’s, helping her keep her independence in her own home.

Career Development

You could progress to specialise in a particular area, such as social work, occupational therapy or midwifery. We have many HCA’s who have used us as a stepping stone to a career in nursing; and we are happy that we have helped them to pursue their chosen pathway in life.

You may progress into an office or care assessor position after undertaking Level 3 in Health and Social Care. Our current Trainers have all worked in the care field for this company; as have most of our care coordination team. Even our management have direct experience in caring roles. Below are brief descriptions of various job roles in health and social care that you can progress into; if you have the will to do so; taking into account what might be possible with your important family commitments:

Home Care Assistants give the practical support and regular human contact that matter so much to older people, or others who rely on help to live at home. Providing someone with care in their own home gives them dignity and independence. Home carers provide assistance with a wide range of tasks including washing, dressing and making meals.

Residential Care can become the best solution for people who, because of age or physical or learning disabilities are no longer able to cope in their own home. Sometimes children also need to move into residential homes. Staff work to create safe, clean and homely environments where people can live in comfort and are treated with dignity.

Working in the Community can also mean working as part of an outreach team, for example, visiting homes where parents are finding it difficult to cope with their children, helping people who are involved in drug or alcohol misuse or helping someone with a learning disability, who is living Independently for the first time.

Working for a Nursing Agency gives you the flexibility of being able to choose your own hours. However, work will not be guaranteed; and you may receive lower pay if you do not commit to working alternate weekends. You may be introduced as a temporary worker into a care establishment; or you might be offered night shifts doing community home care.

Staff Mentors are important to help guide staff through their early days with the company; ensuring that they have an advocate who will speak to the office if they are not getting enough hours or if there have been mistakes made with their pay.

Care Coordinators use our rostering software to plan and allocate visits to our service users. They also have a responsibility to ensure that care staff are given sufficient hours within their availability time bands; but this is impacted by how many referrals and enquiries we receive. They are also responsible for carrying out care and other risk assessments in the community.

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